You need a well-organised and thought-out trip with all the details covered and problems anticipated before you even leave New Zealand. You're busy arranging the learning content whilst doing your full-time teaching job, so hand over the travel organisation to an expert in this field.


experienced groups specialist

With more than 12 years experience sending school groups to many destinations worldwide, I can walk you though the process. 

lower costs

Unlike larger companies with office space and employees, my overheads are low and so are my margins. Service providers pay commission so it is not cheaper for you to book direct. In fact by negotiating group rates, booking through me can save you both money and time.

Independent Travel Broker

My priority is finding the right service for your group. I'm not incentivised to only offer certain products. 

24 hour assistance whilst overseas

Things sometimes go wrong and if they do, you will speak to me, not a call centre. 


Protecting you, your trip and your money.

a part of HelloWorld

I am part of one of the largest travel broker networks in New Zealand - The Travel Brokers, a division of HelloWorld. 

Personal Touch

I am your direct contact from start to finish. Although most communication is done via phone or email, i'm happy to arrange a face to face meeting or attend a parents evening, regardless of where in New Zealand you are located.




About Anna

My passion for travel dates back to childhood holidays when I discovered an exciting world waiting to be discovered, which I have done extensively throughout my life. Now settled in Wellington with my family, I have the pleasure of helping my clients inspire their students through travel.

Exceptional organisational skills and attention to detail are essential skills when organising a group trip - but equally important is a personalised service.

Unlike dealing with a large corporate agency, this is my business and I care. I care that you receive the best price for the type of trip you want; I care that the accommodation is the best standard and location for your budget; and I care that everything runs smoothly while you’re away so that you can enjoy the experience with the rest of the group.